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Creative Solutions for Nonprofit Management

Most people don't enter the nonprofit field because they are passionate about the "business side" of nonprofit organizations -- but that's what inspires us to this day. We are endlessly curious about how nonprofits work, and are always developing new strategies that will improve an organization's ability to thrive.

Creative Capacity collaborates with nonprofit organizations to solve management challenges, inspire people to participate, and enhance an organization's ability to carry out its mission.

There's been a lot of talk about capacity building in the nonprofit sector in recent years, but it's not always clear what this buzzword means. We define capacity building as work that is done to build a nonprofit's capacity to carry out its mission. We don't believe in management for its own sake; rather, we take the view that nonprofits need to solve their management challenges in creative ways that generate support for carrying out the mission.

Creative Capacity believes that:
  • listening is the most important part of any consulting engagement;
  • the management aspects of nonprofits should be designed to serve the mission;
  • we can learn new things from our clients even as we share our expertise with them;
  • good humor, a sense of fun, and collegial relationships are what make it possible for all of us to stay in the nonprofit sector in spite of the challenges;
  • the passion and commitment of the people in the nonprofit sector make a difference in our world every day -- building a more just, creative, and caring society.

To learn more about how Creative Capacity can assist your organization, call 609.298.3478 or email allison@creativecapacity.net